Control R (Room Allocation Plan) Control R is an (software) module in the eibPort to display and control the state of several rooms individually. Suitable scenarios for this are buildings which contains always the same or similar room conception. Good examples are Schools, Conference rooms or Hotels. The module is part of the eibPort Visualisation Editor. All Settings are done over an own configuration mask. After a successful set up, the eibPort calculates the necessary switching points for the designated time period in advance. To enable the calculation of the switching points the eibPort must get a licence for the Room Allocation Plan. The configuration can be done without a licence also. The licence is bound to the serial number of the corresponding eibPort and can be requested at BAB TECHNOLOGIE. The programmer has to set up time blocks, outputs, rooms, states, profiles and their allocation to the calendar. The required switching points which results out of the planned allocation (it can be planned up to 2 years in advance), are calculated automatically during the saving process, stored in the eibPort and processed. If desired the allocation can be adapted by the user or the details of the allocation can be displayed. The manual engaging is done out of the visualisation and can affect not only the running day but also the future planning. With it the engaging depth can be determined. On the other hand changing of the complete room allocation plan structure is not possible for the visualisation user. Article Name: Control R Art.-No: 20562 Price / Unit.: EUR .............. (without VAT) Distribution: b.a.b-technologie gmbh, Dortmund