Control W (eibDesk) AddWare for eibPort or eibNode eibDesk is a Server-Client application to create small Remotepannels for PC's . This "Sensors" could be retrieved as a tray Icon from the Taskbar. eibDesk provides the local operation of EIB devices for up to 100 operation panels (e.g. office PCs). All data is stored in eibPort. The Project file is not stored on the PCs. Beside the function of eibDesk, all origin function of eibPort or eibNode will be maintain. Creation of operation panels (up to 100 per eibPort) consisting of the elements: Switch, Dimmer, Jalousie, Heating Control, light scene call. The number of created Pannels is not limited. The eibDesk editor has minimal hardware- and software requirements. It is executable on every system with installed Java 2 Platform Standard Editon 5.0 (J2SE 5.0). The eibDesk editor provides the possibility to import project data from the ETSŪ to make the assignment of group addresses easier. A project documnetation can be generated. On the client PC just the client software has to be installed. It does not include any visualisation data but just builds up the connection to the eibPort where all the needed data is stored. The access to the client application can be protected by user name and password. Name: eibDesk Art.-Nr: 20300 Price / Piece.: EUR .............. (ohne MwSt.) Distribution: b.a.b-technologie GmbH, Dortmund