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    2016-08-31 12:12

    The APP for the DUODMX GATEWAY

    DUODMX Gateway


    Control your lights and scenes directly and comfortably with the »DUO DMX APP«.
    Connect to any DUO DMX GATEWAY either automatically or manually (the APP is compatible with all DUODMX GATEWAYs variants).
    Configure sequences and colours professionally with the complementary free »DMX-Configurator«.

    The app uses the existing configuration data from the DUODMX GATEWAY and does not requires special configuration.


    Create own custom scenes right in the app using a colour wheel.
    Transfer colour schemes directly from your photos to your lights using »Moods«. Simply open the desired photo
    in the app and select the colours to be used. The colours can be used as sequences with configurable transition speed, or as individual colours.



    - Full functionality of the DUO DMX GATEWAY even without building automation (Stand-Alone)
    - Pre-set elements to control 1 channel, 3 channel or 4 channel lights
    - Create individual scenes in the app
    - Transfer colour schemes from your pictures to your lights


    The DUO DMX APP is available for Android® and iOS®.


    You can find more information on the DUODMX GATEWAY here.

    Light & Building 2016

    2016-03-21 20:00



    »Smart Gateway Solutions «

    At Light & Building 2016 in Frankfurt a. M., we focused on «Smart Gateway Solutions» and showcased intelligent solutions in the fields of smart home, smart building, multiroom audio, lighting control, and intelligent use of photovoltaic energy.

    We showed how easy and, above all, safe it is to combine FACILITYMASTER and LINKMODULE, using our BAB SECURE LINK protocol, to solve demanding facility management scenarios.

    We managed to capture the imagination of our visitors with new approaches to creating reasonably priced real-time 3d visualisations of office buildings, and smart use cases for NFC and iBeacon technology.

    The long-awaited relaunch of the "job editor" has surely been our highlight at this year's fair. Graphical editing, simulating logics, job groups and intelligent filters are only some of its new features. Based on cutting-edge HTML5 technology, the new "job editor" is incredibly versatile.

    Our top-hat rail audio product family has been extended with a premium amplifier and a dedicated server. Both were thoroughly tested by our customers during the fair. Our customers like to refer to this now completed system as a «Sonos® for top-hat rail mounting».

    We also presented the numerous variants of our DUODMX GATEWAY, which offer solutions for controlling RGB LEDs over KNX, EnOcean or directly with a smartphone app. With a total of 11 varieties, the DUODMX GATEWAY is surely the LED controller with the broadest spectrum of control possibilities in the market.

    Finally, one more innovation on display was our fully integrated intercom solution, a cooperation with Comelit. It extends our popular «CUBEVISION» visualisation with yet another convenient feature.



    Download Product Information.



    2014-06-30 09:14

    The AUDIOMODULE is a network streaming client which is optionally available with Line-Out or Speaker output. As a top hat rail device, it is installed in the distribution board. It is easily configured by means of a Web user interface. Based on the proven Squeezebox™ technology, it is integrated into the KNX® or EnOcean® system in next to no time in connection with the Logitech™ Media Server and EIBPORT. Apart from the option of playing back music from the local server, the use of Spotify is also possible.

    AUDIOMODULE Flyer Online

    AUDIOMODULE Flyer as Pdf for Download


    The AUDIOMODULE in use


    AUDIOMODULE as the Client


    The AUDIOMODULE works as a squeeze slave (client) and automatically logs in to the Logitech™ media server. The server transfers the music from its hard disk to the modules via the network. It can be controlled using the visualisation of the EIBPORT or via KNX® or EnOcean® sensors.

    AUDIOMODULE – Stand Alone


    The AUDIOMODULE works as a Logitech™ media server. The music is either on a locally connected USB stick or is available on the network. Any smartphone or tablet with the UPnP application controls the music transfer from its source to the AUDIOMODULE. Depending on the application, the music can also be played from the smartphone.


    2014-06-30 08:53

    Our old KNXeasy is obsolete – now the future beckons for our new KNXEASY. The KNXEASY converts KNX telegrams into ASCII code and vice versa. This enables third-party applications to be integrated extremely easily. KNXEASY sends its data not only via TCP but also via UDP. Thanks to the use of ETS4 project data, the identifiers and data types can simply be assigned to the ASCII commands. In addition, the KNXEASY is the programming interface for the ETS which means, for example, that it saves the USB interface.

    KNXEASY Flyer Online

    KNX EASY Flyer as Pdf for Download


    The KNXEASY in use



    KNXEASY is connected to the twisted pair bus as a further KNX participant. The third-party application communicates via the network (TCP or UDP) bidirectionally with KNXEASY after the KNXEASY protocol is implemented. This provides the third-party application full access to the KNX system and vice-versa.




    In larger installations, the KNXEASY replaces an IP router with the integrated KNXnet/IP server. Using the KNXEASY protocol, party applications are connected bidirectionally to the entire system. Therefore, the advantages of both worlds are ideally linked with just a little extra work. 


    2014-06-30 08:45

    (Send and Receive)

    As is well-known, the DUODMX GATEWAY has two independently configurable DMX interfaces each with 512 channels. The SR ("Send/Receive") versions are new and facilitate not only the DMX Master mode, but also the DMX Slave mode. The gateway transmits DMX packages in master mode and receives them in slave mode. In this way the DUODMX GATEWAY serves not only as a unidirectional gateway between KNX and DMX, but also sends the DMX values on request as an acknowledgement to KNX. The standalone version is also new: Independently of a building control system, DMX devices are therefore addressed directly using a smartphone app. 

    DUODMX GATEWAY Flyer Online
    DUODMX GATEWAY Flyer as Pdf for Download


    The DUODMX GATEWAY in use


    The smartphone and the DUODMX GATEWAY log in to the local WLAN router. The smartphone application sends the control command to the gateway via WLAN. The control command is forwarded to the DMX dimmers.


    As an extension, the DUODMX GATEWAY is provided with the control commands from the eibPort via the BMX protocol. As a result, the DMX packages for the dimmers are triggered.


    The DUODMX GATEWAY is connected to the KNX® bus (twisted pair) using a pluggable screw terminal. It therefore receives its commands directly via the KNX® bus and forwards them to the DMX dimmers as converted DMX packages.


    In this variant, the DUODMX GATEWAY receives its control commands via KNXnet / IP routing. As a result, the DMX packages for the dimmers are triggered.tl_files/Artikelbilder/Service/News/DUODMX/DUODMX_Zeichnung_EnOcean.jpg

    The DUODMX GATEWAY is given the control command via “EnOcean® radio control”. The EnOcean® signals are converted to DMX packages and forwarded to the DMX dimmers.

    News 2014

    2014-05-05 15:00

    Thank you very much for visiting our booth at the Light & Building 2014.

    We were more than impressed from the great response.

    In the following video some impressions of our exhibition:


    Information about the new products is available in form of animated flip catalogues and PDF documents here:

    A compilation of all information you will get with our Info package.



    Download oder Online                          Download or Online                            Download or Online

    2nd quarter 2015                                  already available                                  already available



    Download oder Online                           Download or Online                            Download or Online

    already available                                     already available                                 already available                                                                                                                                                                                     Standalone 1st quarter 2015



    Download oder Online                           Download or Online                             Download or Online

    1st quarter 2015                                    already available                                  on Request



    Download oder Online                           Download or Online                            Download or Online

    2nd quarter 2015                                   already available                                  already available

    light and building 2014

    2014-02-05 12:00

    Visit us on the light and building 2014
    from 30,03. - 04.04.2014.

    Hall 9.0, Booth B93

    More confident

    2014-01-10 08:01

    with eibPort firmware 3.2.3

    The company Oracle tighten their security rules for Java. From January2014 with the version 1.7.51 all applets must contain an officialcertificate and a manifest. With the eibPort update 3.2.3 we react onthis and provide a version which will fulfill all new securityrequirements. We recommend to process this update to warrant the steadygrowing security demands also in the home- and building automation.


    More informations you will find in our Blog

    eibPort Firmware with the new Java Certificate for eibPort Version 3 (3.2.3) you will find it here or in the  Download area

    eibPort Firmware with the new Java Certificate for eibPort Version 2.1 (0.11.7-os) you will find it here or in the  Download area

    Philips Hue

    2014-01-10 08:00

    Ambilight for Building automation

    Increase your wellness with intelligent lighting control by Philips. Thanks to the new eibPort firmware it gets part of your building automation.

    Philips HUE is an innovative light system with intelligent luminaries. It consists of RGBW LED lights and a central control unit (Bridge). The “hue” bulbs are simply mounted instead of the conventionally luminaries and the Bridge is connected to the network. Bridge und bulbs then communicate via wireless. Each bulb can be controlled in terms of colour and intensity separately. On this way the lighting creates a variety of moods and provides a pleasant atmosphere in every situation. Even wake up- or alarm functions are feasible.

    Thanks to the new eibPort firmware (3.2.3) Philips Hue will be part of the building automation. Events from KNX or EnOcean will be linked to the desired lighting moods. Therefore the Philips Bridge and the eibPort communicate via the network protocol “http” with each other. That is, thanks to the well documented “Philips hue API” no problem. For the visualisation the eibPort offers an intuitive controllable Colour picker which was especially adapted for the HSB colour space of the Hue.

    Thanks to the possibility creating pleasant atmosphere by individual lighting moods Philips Hue is the ideal enlargement for the building automation. With the help of the eibPort services and visualisation there are no obstacles for integration. 


    eibPort Product information

    Cyclic Sender

    2013-07-31 08:00

    released with eibPort firmware 3.2.2

    With the new job “Cyclic Sender” in the eibPort, telegrams are cyclically sent, or the status of individual group addresses is read. By this, the job is perfectly suitable to realize priority control or status requests.

    On this way it is e.g. possible to ensure lowest lighting costs in public buildings by switching off the lighting cyclically as long as the luminosity is high enough. Thanks to the possibility to send “Value Read” telegrams the maintenance of security-related subscribers is no problem. Options like “send once on enable” enables the user only to request status information e.g after an eibPort restart.

    Highlights of the Cyclic Sender:

    • Send at the beginning or the end of the interval
    • Send once on job start (device start)
    • Send once on enable
    • Request (“Value Read”) telegrams
    • Datatypes from 1-bit to 4-byte
    • EIS 1 toggle
    • 0 - 32234 seconds interval time
    • Set interval time dynamically


    eibPort Product information