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    2013-07-31 08:00

    With the Help of the “ekey” Job in the eibPort, the network enabled fingerprint sensors of the “ekey home” series from the manufacturer “ekey biometric systems GmbH” will be fitted into the building control. Thanks to this, using the finger is not only the door key, it also allows the user-related control of the building automation. Based on the detected finger different automatisms will be started like the different users desires.

    With the possibility to store up to 99 Users with 10 fingers each, the ekey fingerprint sensors are also suitable for the use in greater buildings. In addition, thanks to eibPort, also multiple fingerprint sensors can be used simultaneously. The individual sensors are differed by their serial numbers from each other. 

    Highlights of the ekey Job:

    • Fingerprint sensors can be linked globally or separately
    • The “Reader ID” is automatically determined by eibPort based on individual serial number
    • Warning if finger does not match
    • Up to 8 different functions per ekey job
    • Up to 4 User/finger combinations per function
    • Functions can be activated / deactivated separately
    • Output datatype 1-bit or 1-byte


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    2013-04-24 08:00

    CUBEVISION: the simplest visualization ever – from BAB technology. Available now in every eibPort 3

    Previously sophisticated visualizations were time-consuming and therefore costly. This changes with the new Cubevision of BAB TECHNOLOGIE.

    The "Cube" is generated automatically. Just create the building structure, link the group addresses and the rest is done by itself.

    Want to see more? http://www.cubevision.info


    As the name already suggests, rooms are arranged like the sides of a cube. By horizontal gesture control, particular rooms could be achieved; floors could be switched vertically. Particular feature: for every room specially designed graphics can be chosen for a background image. For example, they will show bathrooms or bedrooms with their typical elements in a 3D imaging – kept tone in tone and thereby a noble-modern mount for the respective room.  Suitable for this, the user will find a control window, in which frequently used functions of this room will be displayed. Also this window is already designed ready to use – all icons and fonts have a consistent design and using symbols, which are familiar from other units or apps. In this way, not only creation of visualization will be particularly simple for the user, but also the operation.


    Who will use complicated applications, will reach the extended views by fingertip. For example, music can be controlled, actual weather or pictures of an external camera could be displayed here. Furthermore it exists the possibility of showing consumption data graphics, to have a clear view to current wattage. Functionality is also unrestricted – but creating and operating are still simply and clearly.


    You will need eibPort up from version 3 for hardware, if you will use CubeVision.  A sample project is already contained here and could be modified to match your concret project. Also different background graphics are already integrated – but if you want, you can shoot photos yourself, edit them on PC und upload them here for background graphics.


    All participants and functions can be easily uploaded from ETS in the ESF database of eibPort, which works as the basis for visualization. After that, functions can be allocated to the individual rooms, by what the operation window will fill up automatically for the respective room. Visualization practically creates  itself  and operation surface automatically will be configured in a consistent design concept and completed with selected functions. Therefore programmer doesn´t have to think about designing and arranging buttons – all will come together almost by itself, created from design professionals and from a single source. Functions, which will be used mostly, appear at the top of the list – but it is possible to define a fixed order.


    As well as for older KNX-projects, which until now fail due to costs for high-grade visualization, Cube Vision will be a real alternative. By the way, the user of CubeVison doesn’t have to buy particular licences – like all other visualization solutions of babtec, also this new tool can be used freely for the purchaser of hardware  


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    Pulse Counter

    2013-04-24 08:00

    The pulse counter meters  the pulses of the S0-Interface, the number of the arbitrary KNX-telegrams or the operation time of eibPort. S0-Interfaces are build in, in every eibPort version 3 up from august 2012 as a standard feature. In case you like to upgrade your eibPort version 3 with a S0-Interface, please contact info@bab-tec.de.

    Please determine here the source of the pulse, which should be counted. For selection are:

     KNX: Job counts the number of one arbitrary KNX telegram ( at that, data type doesn`t play a role)  

    • S0 #1 -#4: Job counts S0-pulses of S0-terminal connected units. The numbering “#1 - #4”is the result of the unit`s labeling. 
    • Power on timer: In this case, the job will reproduce operation time in seconds since the initial commissioning.  

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    2013-04-24 08:00

    With the help of the USB-port of eibPorts, you can access to the inexpensive sensor system of the 1-Wire assortment. This is done in conjunction with 1-Wire USB-adaptor. 

    By this new function you can extend your building control with 1-Wire sensors without any problems, using the full comfort of your KNX-unit.


    Units are powered usually by USB. If the 1-Wire sensors connected as a slave without separate power supply, so 20 slaves could be integrated up to a cable length of 100m. For enhancement of bus capacity, busmaster with additional power supply are able to integrate another 20 slaves.

    By a 1-Wire bus adapter, 1-Wire network will be connected to eibPort. For most of possible applications, normal public telephone line J-Y 2 x2x o,8, resp. KNX-installation line,  is perfectly suitable. 


    More information and shops:





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    Ready for new Tasks

    2012-12-11 14:17

    eibPort version 3 steps up with further features and will be produced in series with 4 S0-interfaces, to which S0-meters could be connected. S0-meters are inexpensive and available for nearly every energy source.

    In this way, important consumption data can easily and simply be gathered and processed.

    Furthermore in eibPort a USB port is guided out at lower left. This will support interpretation of 1-wire sensors in future. 1-wire sensors stand out due to its robustness and excellent cost effectiveness.


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    2012-12-11 14:17

    With the help of this job, a low cost individual room temperature control can be established. This job adjusts two stage heating and cooling, 2-point control, switching (PWM) and constant PI-regulation. 

    Connection of a second heating or cooling unit will be possible.

    Communication objects :

    Mode Switch  1Byte

    Failure Current-Temp. 1Bit / 14Byte

    Frost Protection  1Bit

    Toggle H/C  1Bit

    Night  1Bit

    Heating HC1 1Bit /1Byte

    Comfort 1Bit

    Additional Level HC1  1Bit / 1Byte

    Setpoint Value  2Byte

    Cooling CC1  1Bit / 1Byte

    Rel. Setpoint Adjustment  1Byte / 2Byte

    Additional Level CC1  1Bit / 1Byte

    Current Setpoint 2Byte

    Shading 1Bit / 1Byte

    Current Temperature  2Byte

    Comfort Extension  1Bit


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    Everywhere at home with GSM

    2012-11-29 13:52

    You can communicate with your eibPort via SMS. He writes you if something is not alright. On the other hand you can call him via SMS to turn everything on comfort for your arrival.

    How it works:

    An SMS will be sent when a particular group address is triggered, for example a fault message. Values as also text can be sent.

    The other way round fixed values or text are triggering group addresses. By this you are able to control e.g. the heating with a SMS.



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    Intelligent Building Systems in Paris

    2012-10-30 16:10

    stand of the EnOcean alliance we carried new requirements, suggestions and customer wishes with us. With the new Regimentation "RT 2012" Smart Metering especially in France gets more and more important.


    The Regimentation "RT 2012" means that french buildings are not allowed to consume more than 50 kWh/m²/year (total energy). As a result every visualisation solution should offer metering solutions to make the customers aware of the consumption. Here an examples how it can be solved with eibPort:



    Further the eibPort EnOcean attracts high attention for people searching for solutions in the retrofit market. With its flexible and intuitive visualisation design, and high ability to integrate foreign systems the eibPort together with EnOcean wireless technology offers a solution for nearly every requirement.

    Intelligent Building Systems in Paris

    2012-09-25 07:05

    Visit us on the IBS 2012 in Paris
    from 26.09. - 27.09.2012.

    New eibPort Features

    2012-08-30 10:30

    With the Firmware Update 3.0.5

    We adapted the naming of the firmware to our hardware.

    The firmware for eibPort V3 is now the firmware 3.x.x.

    Highlights of the new update are:

    • With the integrated VPN-server there can be a direct secure VPN connection established. As partner a Windows-based VPN client (PPTP with MS-chap.V2) is used.
    • The Dali Monitor Job is a new component to monitor the ABB KNX Dali-Gateway DG/S1.1. • Further elements and features are now available in Control L (Ajax): 
      • Shape action: set time
      • element logic indication
      • element Bit indication
      • page changes via telegram triggers
      • Side protection via pin code
      • "Job-Editor" with light scene, weektimer und yeartimer
      • New login screen for Control S and Control L have been created.
    • It is now possible to enter comments for a backups, also the time/date, the eibPort version and eibPort Name are saved.
    • The EIS 15 text element can be written in Cyrillic and also other character sets be transmitted and represented.



    In the changelog you can read about all modifications.


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