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    Next Generation Touch Panel

    2012-08-30 10:20

    Impresses not only in technology but also in visual appearance.

    Thanks to Intel Atom 1,6 GHz Dual Core and 30GB SSD memory the new UP-Touch Panel DP 3.0 is more powerful although the power consumption has been reduced. Due to the new mounting technology, the panel only needs to be hooked. It can be folded out from the bottom, so connecting cables is very easy and possible without removing the whole panel. For more ease of use, variants with capacitive touch display and end to end surface (no frame) is available. For the attractive and flush-mounted wall fitting a special installation kit is designed. A real "eye-catcher"!

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    eibPort Version 3 Dali Monitor

    2012-08-30 10:10

    Current failure check

    The Dali Monitor Job in the eibPort V3 allows that tubes and associated electronic control gear (ECG), which are switched by Dali gateways of type ABB DG / S 1.1, to be monitored and reported on failures with detailed information.

    The tabular visualization element represents the states of a Dali gateway.

    One column is for the state of the lamp and the ECG (0 = OK, 1 = failure). Another column for text (maximum 32 characters) such as for type of ballast and tube.

    This job can be started at night, so that any failures can be handled just the next morning.


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    eibPort control Sonos devices

    2012-06-15 09:00

    Sonos UPnP is used for remote control of Sonos hifi system devices. The control is with KNX group
    addresses key, room control devices, KNX - eibPort panels or visualization. It is possible with KNX-control
    devices Sonos hifi system Power On or OFF to control for Mute and Volume Up or Volume Down to
    navigate to radio stations from your favorites

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    Highlight at the Light and Building 2012

    2012-04-18 07:25

    The highlight at this year Light + Building is our eibPort 3 with Cube Vision. See here the videos of the sensational design and how simple the operation on the PC, a Webpad, or smartphones is.

    This requires a WebKit browser like Google Chrome or Apple Safari.


    Innovations Presentation at Light and Building 2012:

    2012-04-15 07:25

    • New variants and possibilities for the eibPort Version 3 with GSM, 1-Wire and S0 port..
    • Now the eibPort can Twitter.
    • RTR job for e.g. 1-Wire temperature sensor
    • Cube Vision New ways of navigation with Control L and Cube Vision
    • DUO DMX Gateway as a "stand alone"
    • Next-generation touch panel

    Our innovations brochure

    Innovations expected to be available September 2012

    light and building 2012

    2012-03-01 12:00

    eibPort Version 3 | KNX-Visualisierung with Power

    2011-08-07 20:11

    Der neue eibPort Version 3:

    The new eibPort Version 3:

    Apparently it had barely changed, but internally it has won enormous power. The eibPort version 3 from BAB TECHNOLOGIE has now a 600MHz Vortex 86DX processor unit, 256 MB RAM and 4GB Flash memory. With that it now disposes a data history table of 500.000 telegrams, which allows a extensive and detailed data analysis with a new graph library.

    The new hardware also offers some scope in a software point of view, so that on the web site furthermore interesting software updates will come up. Thanks to the energy optimized vortex processors the power consumption of the eibPort Version 3 still stays below 5 Watts.

    Available is the eibPort as KNX, Powernet KNX and as KNX/EnOcean Version.

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    KNX/EnOcean-DMX Gateway

    2011-06-06 22:31

    The DUO-DMX gateway:

    DMX is the standard bus for professional studio- and stage control. In this filed the technique for controlling LED illumination is “an old hat”. Therefore many dimmers and luminaries with direct DMX interface are on the market. We developed an interface between KNX or Enocean and DMX. Each gateway has two independent outputs for 512 DMX channels. There are 4 different types of gateways available.

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    DataWarehouse 2.0 | KNX-Datenaufzeichnung

    2011-04-08 14:26


    Data Warehouse is a data management client that transmits mass data from a MySQL- databaseserver to a PC for analysis.

    Data Warehouse cooperates perfectly with eibPort. eibPort is writing the EIB/KNX data into a MySQL database. Data Warehouse 2.0 automatically arrange the correct database structure and organize the data. An ETS-database Import is possible. This client software can transmit the data of several servers.

    DataWarehouse 2.0 generates analysis and statistics. The request can be done over free selectable periods and group addresses.

    To analyse or chart the data DataWarehouse provides an interface to e.g. Microsoft Excel.

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    HomeInformationCenter 2.0

    2011-01-01 12:41

    The HomeInformationCenter iPhone takes the functionality of the EIB to the iPhone. The HIC 2.0 is the visualization of the eibPort for the e.g. iPhone of Apple. You cannot switch only light, display values and drive venetian blinds but also steer the multimedia playback of DVDs and music. Display the picture of a network cameras with the HIC on your iPhone. Everything comfortable and mobile with the iPhone.

    The HIC Phone also runs on the new iPod touch, Nokia mobile phones , the BlackBerry or HTC.

    The licence is within firmware version 0.11.5, so you get HIC for free.

    You find further information and the picture gallery here.

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