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    New: for the nerds

    2010-12-01 12:43

    for the experts we done the http-request receiver. Use at your own risk. Otherwise...

    We wish you for Christmas a peaceful time and for New Year good luck, health and success!

    New: eibPort with EnOcean Transceiver

    2010-10-01 12:46

    Now you can complete the EIB/KNX-world with devices of the of self-powered switches and sensors with EnOcean Technology. For example wireless switches or wireless windows or door contacts can be easily mounted buy adhesive fixing. On the other hand, a professional weather station should manage EnOcean actuators. No problem the connection is bidirectional.

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    New: change icon libary

    2010-08-01 12:48

    Switches and symbols are know as a matter of taste. Not everybody likes prefab symbols of the visualisation. Now parts or even he whole libary in eibPort can be changed.

    The theme-editor supports you by changing the graphics. Here two libraries for free download.


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    New: do it yourself

    2010-07-01 13:12

    New functions in eibPort updated by yourself. This can be done with our new Update-Tool. All owner of hardware release 2.1 (64 MB RAM/ROM) can upload the newest firmware into eibPort by themselves.

    The newest firmware is in the download section.

    To get the (free) Update Tool please contact us.

    New: Ajax visualisation

    2010-04-01 13:15

    Anybody staying at the light + building in Frankfurt could already see it in full function: The precious iPad, running the KNX-Visualisation of eibPort. The new softwareversion of eibPort serves this function and was also optical adapted to the Apple-Design and the operating philosophy of these multi-touch. For example eibPort brings out windows with slide-effect, pulling out windows by moving your finger over the touch display. Tipping twice will zoom the window.

    Try it: www.bab-tec.de/ipad

    New: astro timer

    2010-02-01 13:16

    The astro timer job in eibPort features a normal and -for advance learners- an complex interface. As data types for the output EIS 1, EIS 5, EIS 6 , EIS 14 and EIS 15 is available.

    Sunrise– and sunset time also as the real circuit time can be displayed in the visualisation.

    The delay of the output can be randomized. An ideal presence simulation.

    New: UPnPControl Point reviewed

    2009-12-01 13:17

    The number of UPnP-AV compliant devices in the market has highly increased. This has moved us to revise our UPnP agent. Through the uniform topography and the colour layout a clear structure was achieved, which made it easy to operate and give the user an intuitive understanding. Great importance was laid to the best presentation in different resolution and screen sizes. The UPnP agent as a Java program is operating system independent. Made your touch display to an UPnP Control Point with our new software.

    New: Room Allocation Plan

    2009-10-01 13:18

    The Room Allocation Plan modul is a tool to show and control the state of rooms in a graphical way.

    A scenario for using such a module are buildings wich have a recurring conceptual design of their rooms. A good example are schools, meeting rooms or hotels.

    The module is a part of the Editors of eibPort from firmware version 0.9.5. All settings are made by a own configuration screen. After successful configuration eibPort calculates all necessary time set points for the defined period in advance. To enable the calculation of switching times a license for the Room Allocation Plan module must be loaded into eibPort.

    New: the new editor

    2009-08-01 13:19

    The visualization editor has been completely revised. Now "opulent" visualizations in a shorter time can be realized. New features like for example master pages, direct simulation and direct upload of images save time. With new features like scalable graphics, scalable transparency, mirror-and transition effects, color filters, etc. you can get even more out of each visualization.

    New elements were added to the library and finally the http request also managed to keep feeding.

    New: direct access

    2009-06-01 13:22

    Mobile clients like e.g.the iPhone can now be connected to eibPort directly. The loop way over a MySQL database (from 2007) is fallen upon. Therefore the connection between your mobile and KNX equipment ist much more easier and become clear. In a few steps a HIC project is generated in the editor, store it, switch on mobile and type in the URL of eibPort. That’s it! On your smartphone/PDA  you see your camera pricture stream, your KNX components or your audio multiroom administration