Current News

    New: best Squeezebox Control

    2009-04-01 13:24

    The JOB XPL-sender has been updated and were extended with essential functions. This makes it even easier and more comfortable, to include the Logitech Squeezebox players in a multi-room concept.

    With SB-Control, it is possible to establish a multi-room solution with several MP3 streaming clients that is controlled via KNX sensors.

    SB-Control is a job for remote control of Logitech Squeezeboxes and the central music server software SqueezeCenter. Management is made is via KNX-button, room control units, KNX panels or visualization eibPort and thereby even with your mobile. With SB-Control it is possible e.g. to control on-off or  mute, to control up or down of volume, to navigate in the titles of the playlists or to selected playlists. The playlists are managed dynamically. Once you add playlists in the SqueezeCenter it is shown in the displays of KNX.

    New: Touch Panel for wall mounting 15", 19"

    2009-02-01 13:27

    The Touch Panel for wall mount is quick assembled, offers a compact design and performance ( 4 GB Flash, fanless, Win XPe) and looked like a flat panel TV ( 6 cm depth). Fits best to your environment. Together with the HomeInformationCenter and eibPort they are the central information point of you building. With a cost free Software you create your own look and feel and bring your favourite links.

    Check weather, traffic jam and your e-mails by a cup of coffee in the morning, look for you cooking receipt at noon, or call the cinema or TV-program in the evening.

    Trough the build in loudspeakers you can hear your mp3-music or watch DVD.

    New: automatic data analysis

    2009-02-01 13:25


    This internet portal collects, analyses and documents your energy data. The data is sent from eibPort via e-mail to this server. No separate software is needed for analysing. With your standard internet-browser you can check week-, month– and year reports in a server generated image. By request, a backup of your data can be sent by e-mail to your address every week. Try it out: http://www.find-your-energie.de/en/startseite.php. Analysis for one consumption counter is for free.

    New: Job comparator

    2008-10-01 13:29

    The comparator does actuation like "greater then" or "less than". You can compare inputs with constant or variable values. The most popular EIS types can be used.

    Week timer are in a new outfit to enable are more sufficient handling (Touch Displays).

    Internal storage for telegrams are increased to 20.000.

    New: HomeInformationTerminal

    2008-08-01 13:30

    The HomeInformationTerminal is a program which is developed for Touch Panels, Tablet PC or Ultra mobile PC. It's very easy to build up an own user interface. With pre defined elements the customer has the opportunity to use several services like browsing websites (weather, traffic, TV-guide etc.), using home automation, manage multiroom clients (UPnP), looking to camera streams, check the e-mails with an own e-mail client and look on RRS-feeds.

    The navigation bar can be completely configured to fit your demands. Starting with the position of the navigation bar, the font style, the color shema and the selection of the images. Everything can be changed within a few mouse clicks and a very short time.

    Content of web sites can be stored in the background. So you have all your information with a finger tip at once, without waiting.

    We moved

    2008-08-01 13:30

    to  Inhouse Dortmund

    Our new Address:

    b.a.b-technologie gmbh

    Inhouse Dortmund

    Rosemeyerstraße 14

    D-44139 Dortmund

    Phone: +49 231-476 425-30

    Fax: +49 231-476 425-59 

    New: Version 2.1

    2008-04-01 13:32

    eibPort is now available with a new Motherboard equipped with 64/64 MB RAM/ROM. Now even larger Projects with moresophisticated graphic designs are possible. The new ethernet controller allows datatransfer up to 100 MBit/s in the LAN. This leads in evidence to significant time saving, loading (for e.g.) the visualisation. Integration of Web- Start shortens the load time further on. All in all, load time is much reduced.


    New: KNXeasy

    2008-02-01 13:34

    The KNXeasy gateway converts the KNXnet/IP protocol into a simple ASCII protocol. Thereby, you can develop software linked to EIB without using the KNXnet/IP protocol. To configure the gateway for your EIB installation, you just have to export the required data out of your ETS project.

    New: RSS Feeds

    2008-01-01 13:35

    With RSS Feeds, you always have the latest news in your visualization. Just type in the RSS-path of a news-webpage and your visualization keeps you up to date.

    Further news:

    String multiplexer

    New area codes for sms job

    New: KNXnet/IP protocol implemented

    2007-10-01 13:36

    Further news

    Your first visualization in 2 minutes avi Video

    Working with the Job-Editor (example: staircase lighting function) avi video

    Using the HIC-Editor avi video

    Wake On Lan

    option to disable the iETS Server

    automatic refresh of the graphs

    transparent background for text

    xPL scheme for Winamp