Current News

    New: EIB integration for iPhone

    2007-08-01 13:39

    The HomeInformationCenter iPhone takes the functionality of the EIB to the iPhone from Apple. You can switch the light, regulate the heating, drive the Venetian blinds and also steer the multimedia account with the HIC iPhone. 

    New: Elements and Icons in the HIC Design

    2007-07-01 13:40

    The design of the HomeInformationCenter is available for the eibPort now, too. Elements for lights, heating, venetian blind, multimedia, weather and much more are available for your eibPort. Download

    New: Comperator

    2007-05-01 13:41

    A new job has been integrated. Any EIS-Value can be chosen as input. The input value can also be a constant data.

    As output value more than 10 types of EIS-values can be defined. So it is possible e.g. to send a text while a temperature exceed a defined value.  

    New: PDA Visualisation

    2007-04-01 13:42

    Another PDA Visualization for eibPort. Look alike to the HomeInformationCenter under MS Media Center. Nice to have. Steering your beloved mp3 songs via PDA.

    New: Switchable Backgrounds: EIS 14 Switch

    2007-03-01 13:45

    User defined backgrounds can be overlaied and be switched by a telegram-value. A Switch sending EIS 14-values is integrated to the library.

    New: HIC in Vista Style

    2007-02-01 13:48

    The HomeInformationCenter is technically and optically adapted to MS Vista.The size on the TV-Screen is scalable.

    New: Create own start side

    2007-01-01 13:48

    Now you can selected if you want to jump over the Startside or to start the visualisation in its own Browserwindow or to create a own (e.g. with own companylogo) starting side. Further parameters for users and password can be taken up to the URL. That is particularly practical with the use of Touch Displays.

    New: Animated Gifs

    2006-11-01 13:50

    With the ComponentBuilder now animated GIF files (for to the example a moved shutter or indicator)  can be used. Also halftransparent Icons can be merged. The new software is free of charge in the Downloadbereich available.

    New: Add On for Media Center Edition

    2006-10-01 13:51

    Over this small installation package the Microsoft Media center Edtion can be extended to the Home control center. Control heating, lighting and look who is standing before the entry door comfortably over your TV screen.

    New: eibPort receive Infrared

    2006-08-01 13:51

    eibPort can receive now from almost any IR remote control the instructions and pass them to EIB/KNX. IRTrans, and the Squeezbox can understand (nearly) each IR remote control. So e.g. a PALM can be used for home automation.