Current News

    New: Date- and Timedisplay

    2006-07-01 13:55

    can be produced with the ComponentenBuilder, but on multiples desire we added an element in the Visulization-Editor, also in form as a analog clock .eibPort supports the receipt of the time from a NTP server. Thus the internal clock is second exact. The time and date signal can be sent also on the bus. Thus replaced the DCF-77 clock.

    New: Diagram

    2006-05-01 13:55

    With the diagram function, processes/data from the internal storage (10.000 Telegrams) can be represented by graphik. In the diagram up to 3 curves can be illustrated , be individually formatted concerning line color, offset and factor.

    Type of curve standard: To each interval the value is represented.

    Type of curve difference: To each interval the difference is represented to the previous value.

    New: Sending an receiving text

    2006-04-01 13:56

    With the textdisplay messages can be received and also been send. The Textinformation can be send to other EIB-Displays or other Visulasation-Clients.

    New: DiscoveryTool

    2006-02-01 08:38

    You loose the IP-Address of your eibPort? No, problem with the Software Tool in the Download area you can list all eibPorts in your network in conjunction with the IP-Address. More

    New: Connection to IR

    2005-12-01 08:44

    With the IRTrans Ethernet Modul and eibPort various components like HiFi-systems, Beamer etc. can be linked to EIB. The Installation is done with the eibPort Job-Editor. 


     Nerly every electronic deviece can be steared via Infrared. IR is a universal and low cost connection. Components like Beamer or the Music Center are often controlled with IR-Remote. So it is a good idea to bond IR with EIB. This Job can be doen by eibPort incorporation with the Ethernet to IR Device of the Company IRTrans. IRTrans learns up to 1000 Codes of IR Remote Controls . Lay IR Remote Control  in opposite to IRTrans modul. Activate in the Software of IRTrans the Learning-Modus and give a name to the IR-Code of the button you pressed on the remote control e.g. cd_play. The Translation between EIB-Command and IR-Command is a job in eibPort. Only thing you have to do is, oder a EIB-Groupadress to the text "cd_play" you've learnd before. Integrated in a lightscene you direct the whole atmosphere.


    New: PDA Visualization moVis in Download Area

    2005-11-01 08:52

    A Demo Version for PDA running Windows CE is for download.

    New: eibPort configuration tool

    2005-10-01 09:05

    Now the ETS for setting up the eibPort is no longer needed. Next to the basic settings the new configuration tool provides a number of parameters and a backup function.

    eibPort configuration tool


    In future for configuration and setup of the eibPort the ETS is no longer needed. With the new configuration tool you can set the basic parameters like the physical address and the ip addresses. But there are far more configuration possibilities like ISDN and email.

    Several configuration levels

    The tool comes with different levels. The first level is for the basic setup as known from the ETS. With the levels the number of the parameters rises up to advanced options.


    With the configuration tool a backup of the configuration and the complete projekt (including all jobs, visualization data and images) can be created. Backups can be restored.


    The configuration tool is a Java application that can be started directly from the internet. The software automatically detects all eibPorts in the network. After choosing an eibPort and entering the password the configuration can start. Afterwards the data is transmitted to the eibPort and then the eibPort is ready to work.

    New: eibPort music control

    2005-09-01 09:39

    eibPort streams music in every room. Control the functions play, stop, volume etc by the eibPort visualization and by your EIB installation.


    New: eibPort Button Creator

    2005-09-01 09:10

    Define and design freely your own buttons and operation panels for the eibPort visualization.


    New in autumn 2005: eibPort Version 2

    2005-07-01 09:41

    New functions and services, a new look and better handling.