DataWarehouse 2.0 The DataWarehouse 2.0 is additional software for the eibPort. As an Java-based programm it runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. For its functions the DataWarehouse 2.0 needs access to a MySQL Server. It serves to: - Automatically creates the necessary structure of the database - Organisation of the data by sorting events - Linkage of the ETS addressdata on the database server - Analising and creating of a database statistic - Preparing queries about any periods and any group addresses. - Export of the queries as a CSV file for the graphical analysis e.g. Microsoft Excel. It offers: - Record of unlimited telegrams - Management of one or more databases - Access on one or more database servers - Managemnet of data out of one or more eibPorts Licensing per Client Manufactuerer: b.a.b-technologie gmbh, Dortmund Artikel No: 20420