DUODMX GATEWAY KNX SR - 12121 The DUO DMX GATEWAY KNX can be controlled via KNX/TP and the free native application "DUO DMX APP" (APP for iOS® and Android®). It is designed as a ceiling mounting unit, but also suitable for mounting in sub-distributions with the optional DIN rail adapter. It is equipped with two independently programmable DMX outputs with 512 channels each. Lighting scenes and individual DMX channels (switching and dimming incl. status feedback) can be controlled directly via KNX group addresses. A selected light scene can be controlled via an additional potential-free contact input. The lighting scenes are programmed using a professional DMX software ("DMX Configurator", included). Each channel can be optionally configured as DMX Slave or DMX Master (bidirectional). The connection to an IP network is via (RJ45) network cable. Functional overview: * Control DMX devices via KNX/TP and KNXnet/IP * Control KNX devices via DMX * Switching and dimming (relative and absolute incl. status feedback) of DMX channels * Memory function (switch to last dimming value when DMX channels are switched on) * Define groups and control them centrally * Save sequences directly in the DUO DMX GATEWAY and control via KNX * Direct control over the local network via APP (for iOS® and Android®) * Two independent DMX interfaces * Professional DMX software * Trigger predefined light scenes via a contact * Built-in KNX bus coupler * No ETS application required * Confirmation of states via KNX/TP * Connect to the network using a network cable Technical Data: Operating voltage: 12–32 V DC Power input: <= 1.2 VA Connection: screw terminal Environmental conditions: EN 50090-2-2, Class 3K5 Ambient temperature: –5 to +45°C Storage temperature: –10 to +60°C Relative humidity (non-condensing): < 95 % r. F. Mechanical Data: Installation: ceiling installation or via top hat rail adapter EN 50022 – 35 x 7.5 Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: without fastening lugs: 116 x 50 x 26 with fastening lugs: 146 x 50 x 26 Housing: plastic Protection class: IP20 (according to EN 60529) Interfaces: Connection: Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Power supply over connection terminal; KNX®: twisted pair via terminal (<1.5 mm2); LAN: RJ45 connection; DMX: 2x DMX512 (screw terminal: <1.5 mm2); Contact input to trigger light scenes; Manufacturer: BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH Description: DUODMX GATEWAY KNX SR Article No.: 12121, GTIN/EAN: 4260187361691, Customs tariff number: 85176200, Net weight: 0,130kg. Price / Unit: EUR .............. (Excluding VAT) Distribution: BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH, Dortmund, Germany